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The Sword and the Dagger

The Sword and the Dagger
Author: F A S A Corporation, Ardath Mayhar
Publisher: Contemporary Books
ISBN: 0931787777
Pages: 279
Year: 1986-09-01
View: 298
Read: 1313

Swordplay and sorcery leads to unexpected adventures in a strange and exotic land.

I Don't Want To Kill You

I Don't Want To Kill You
Author: Dan Wells
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755354311
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-01-06
View: 1100
Read: 1045

I Don't Want to Kill You is the third darkly comic novel in the John Wayne Carver series by Dan Wells, the first of which - I Am Not a Serial Killer - is now a major motion picture. Sixteen-year-old John Wayne Cleaver has always known he's different, but not because he only has one friend (and doesn't much like him) and not because he regularly helps out in his mother's mortuary. He's different because he recognizes the classic signs of an incipient serial killer in his own personality, and he's created a rigid set of rules to follow to keep his darker nature, the one he calls Mr Monster in check. But John discovers it's the personality traits he so fears that put him in the best position to save the people of his town from a series of horrific and disturbing killers...

The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child

The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426833040
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-05-01
View: 983
Read: 526

Mistress to the billionaire doctor…accidentally pregnant with his baby Six months of bliss with gorgeous, high-flying pediatric surgeon Nikos Mariakos leaves children's nurse Ella head over heels in love…until Nikos unexpectedly ends the relationship. Later that same day, Ella's pregnancy test turns positive, and it is only then that Ella discovers—from a celebrity magazine—that the father of her baby is a billionaire! When he learns Ella is expecting his child, everything changes for Nikos. This rich Greek playboy is back on the children's ward, and back in Ella's life. Nikos is determined to be a full-time dad, and taking Ella as his convenient wife seems the only solution.

The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook
Author: Arthur Agatston
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1605294497
Pages: 288
Year: 2007-05-15
View: 930
Read: 353

What better way to enjoy the relaxed, healthy South Beach Diet lifestyle than with a cookbook that celebrates the best foods of summer from garden and market? The 150 all-new quick and healthy recipes in The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook from Arthur Agatston, M.D. capture the casual, sunny essence of Florida's popular South Beach--and other warm climates around the world. Whatever phase of the diet you're on, you'll find ideas for breezy breakfasts; crisp salads and light summer sandwiches; innovative grilling ideas for meats, poultry, fish, and shellfish; tempting vegetarian entrées; refreshing desserts; and cooling summer drinks. Imagine sitting at an outdoor table with family and friends enjoying Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, Grilled Shrimp Caesar, South Beach Diet Tiramisu, and Iced Pom-Mojito Spritzers—just a few of the refreshing recipes to be found in this book. But this is more than just a summer cookbook. Tips throughout remind readers that grilling is a year-round pastime and that many of the recipes can be easily adapted to what's freshest in the season. You'll also get Sample Meal Plans for Phases 1 and 2, a glossary of key ingredients used in the book, and dozens of ideas for maximizing the bounty of the garden. The 60 beautiful full-page color photographs show just how appealing summertime recipes can be.

Cuisine Courante

Cuisine Courante
Author: Bruno Loubet, Norma MacMillan
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 0333583450
Pages: 185
Year: 1993-04
View: 1170
Read: 1173

USA Cookbook

USA Cookbook
Author: Sheila Lukins
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 1563058073
Pages: 605
Year: 1997-01
View: 661
Read: 1121

Includes recipes for all-American breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts

Eat for Health

Eat for Health
Author: Joel Fuhrman M. D., Joel Fuhrman, MD
ISBN: 097996671X
Year: 2008-08-01
View: 1031
Read: 1072

Dr. Fuhrman's scientifically proven system enables you to finally conquer your cravings and food addictions, while steering your taste buds toward healthier food choices. Medical research proves that this is the most effective weight loss method ever studied. But be aware of the side effects, you may experience reversal of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, and you will feel better than ever before! In this two book set, you are introduced to Dr. Fuhrman's food and meal scoring system, with four phases of meal plans and fantastic recipes. Start where you are comfortable and progress at your own pace or jump right in to phase four to maximize weight loss and optimize the therapeutic effects for disease reversal. Book One of Eat For Health, the primer, teaches you how to transform your thinking about health and disease. Book Two of Eat For Health, contains hundreds of easy recipes that show you how delicious healthy eating can be.

The Apothecary's Daughter

The Apothecary's Daughter
Author: Julie Klassen
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 1441203567
Pages: 416
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 725
Read: 668

Lillian Haswell, brilliant daughter of the local apothecary, yearns for more adventure and experience than life in her father's shop and their small village provides. She also longs to know the truth behind her mother's disappearance, which villagers whisper about but her father refuses to discuss. Opportunity comes when a distant aunt offers to educate her as a lady in London. Exposed to fashionable society and romance--as well as clues about her mother--Lilly is torn when she is summoned back to her ailing father's bedside. Women are forbidden to work as apothecaries, so to save the family legacy, Lilly will have to make it appear as if her father is still making all the diagnoses and decisions. But the suspicious eyes of a scholarly physician and a competing apothecary are upon her. As they vie for village prominence, three men also vie for Lilly's heart.

Waking Up in the Wrong Bed

Waking Up in the Wrong Bed
Author: Natalie Anderson
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459234839
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-08-01
View: 176
Read: 1281

When film location scout Ellie Summers sneaks into a colleague's hotel room with seduction in mind, she's thrilled by her own daring! But the smug morning-after glow morphs into red-faced mortification when she wakes in the arms of a total stranger! Ruben Theroux might be fine with the situation, but a flustered Ellie most definitely is not. Ellie's only defence against this very attractive guy is to insist they're friends only—strictly no benefits! But Ruben isn't a successful businessman for nothing—they'll be good together, and he's happy to play dirty to get what he wants.…

Flowing Passion

Flowing Passion
Author: Anita A. Hymes
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465348751
Pages: 93
Year: 2011-08-24
View: 543
Read: 244

Book Review and Book Overview... Praise for Flowing Passion! “Anita’s concepts and credence will profoundly affect all aspects of your life. In this book, Anita truly opens her heart and soul and shares her pain, love, struggles, and passion for life - with conviction. You will laugh, cry, and deeply experience her pleasures and hurts. If you want to be inspired and uplifted from where you are today, to a place of enlightenme...then rush out and pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. It’s one of those reads that you don’t want to hear about from someone else; you want to experience the flow of the words for yourself. Dr. Amy Hymes, CEO, HNA Management Consulting Author of “Yes You Can! Reaching your Potential While Achieving Greatness” ############################################### Flowing Passion is a book that is filled with strong emotions. It will inspire you; it is filled with excitement and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend you get your copy today. It will uplift you! Kirkland DJ Grant Hattiesburg MS ********************************************* Flowing Passion is filled with such wonderful expressions of love, pride, gratitude, humility, healing, and spirituality. It touches on every facet of life and relationships, and creatively puts into words those experiences that many of us share, but are limited to nothing more than our laughs, cries, moans, or groans of ecstasy......... Margaret McNeil, Dale City, Virginia ************************************************ Move over Maya Angelou,because Anita A. Hymes has arrived. This is a must read book. Once you pick it up you can ́t put it down. This book is about Life, Love and Pain. It will make you sad,cry and laugh. Flowing Passion-I enjoyed immensely! I hope book 2 is coming soon. Until then I will keep My Passion Flowing. Linda Cooley, Gautier MS ################################################# Flowing Passion" by Author Anita Hymes is an inspirational masterpiece that any woman can identify with. The life experiences are shared so passionately that they will indeed keep one´s passion flowing for a long time after the completion of reading this book. It will truly inspire and uplift you. I highly recommend you get a copy! Easter LaRoche Victim Advocate ################################################# This is a great book that inspired me with deep emotions, I enjoyed it! Lydia Simmons, Charleston SC Get you Copy today! ################################################# Book Overview”.... The book Flowing Passion... Continue to be strong and walk in faith for God will never leave or forsake you. He loves you more than life because you are so precious in His sight. The line above opens Anita A. Hymes’ “Dear Woman of God”, one of the poems in her latest book of poetry- Passion: Bold, Beautiful, and Inspiring Words. To write, they say, is to bare one’s true self into the world but Hymes sees it as a way to truly heal the soul. By a writer who is inspired by God and life experiences, Hymes’ Flowing Passion: Bold, Beautiful, and Inspiring Words is an anthology of poems and lyrical verses that sprung out of the poet’s heart and soul. With compositions such as “Why Are You Still Single?” and “Let It Go”, Flowing Passion truly captures life’s complexities and subtleties. "Flowing Passion" is a book of uplifting and inspiring poems and creative writings that will stir your passion deep within and bring healing to the soul. This book reaches deep inside your soul and emerges with encouragement, strength and faith!

Breakfast At Darcy's

Breakfast At Darcy's
Author: Ali McNamara
Publisher: Sphere
ISBN: 0748128328
Pages: 448
Year: 2011-11-24
View: 390
Read: 1000

When Darcy McCall loses her beloved Aunt Molly, she doesn't expect any sort of inheritance - let alone a small island! Located off the west coast of Ireland, Tara hasn't been lived on for years, but according to Molly's will, Darcy must stay there for twelve months in order to fully inherit. It's a big shock. And she's even more shocked to hear that she needs to persuade a village full of people to settle there, too. Darcy has to leave behind her independent city life and swap stylish heels for muddy wellies. Between sorting everything from the plumbing to the pub, Darcy meets confident, charming Conor and sensible, stubborn Dermot - but who will make her feel really at home?

The Boy and the Whale

The Boy and the Whale
Author: Katherine Scholes
Publisher: Puffin HC
ISBN: 0140323503
Pages: 45
Year: 1987
View: 1010
Read: 651

Summary: The story of a beached whale and the efforts of a boy and a man to save it.

1, 2, 3 in Kindergarten. Kinderbuch Deutsch-Englisch

1, 2, 3 in Kindergarten. Kinderbuch Deutsch-Englisch
Author: Susanne Böse, Isabelle Dinter
Publisher: Hueber Verlag
ISBN: 3198195942
Pages: 16
Year: 2010-09
View: 1224
Read: 412

The Soul Collectors

The Soul Collectors
Author: Chris Mooney
ISBN: 1407470604
Pages: 518
Year: 2011
View: 1217
Read: 369

Ten years ago CSI Darby McCormick investigated a sinister child abduction case. Today, the missing child is back from the dead and holding his family hostage. He makes only one demand. Bring me Darby McCormick. Charlie Rizzo has his family at gunpoint and when Darby arrives to defuse the scene, she finds him horrifically mutilated. What happened to him and just where has Charlie Rizzo been held all these years? Darby faces the toughest case of her career and, as the body count rises, one that will bring her into great personal danger and leave her in fear of losing her mind, if not her soul. For the Soul Collectors are the monsters from your worst nightmares.

Religiöse Vielfalt und der Umgang mit Minderheiten

Religiöse Vielfalt und der Umgang mit Minderheiten
Author: Dorothea Weltecke, Ulrich Gotter, Ulrich Rüdiger
ISBN: 3867645361
Pages: 166
Year: 2014-12
View: 973
Read: 596

Religiöse Minderheiten erscheinen vielfach als neuartige Herausforderung für das politische und kulturelle Handeln der Gegenwart. Doch waren multireligiöse Räume auch in der Vergangenheit der Normalzustand, nicht die Ausnahme. Religiöse Durchmischung entstand über Jahrhunderte hinweg durch Migration, Mission oder als Folge von Eroberungen. Die Machtbeziehungen zwischen religiöser Mehrheit und Minderheit waren daher häufig unklar bzw. prekär: Mitunter konnten die Anhänger der dominanten Religion sogar zahlenmäßig unterlegen sein. Unter diesen Umständen fragt sich ganz grundsätzlich, was eine ”religiöse Minderheit“ eigentlich ist und wie sie sich in ihrer religiösen Umwelt verhält: In Bezug auf welche Einheit wird sie als Minderheit definiert? Wie konstruiert sie ihre Gruppenidentität und wie erhält sie diese aufrecht? Wie prominent sind Fragen der Identitätsstiftung, interreligiösen Interaktion und öffentlichen Präsenz? Wie werden religiöse Minderheiten behandelt und wie verhalten sie sich gegenüber der Mehrheitsreligion? Welchen Normen folgend gestalten sie ihr Miteinander und welcher politische Imperativ ergibt sich daraus? Der Tagungsband "Religiöse Vielfalt und der Umgang mit Minderheiten: Vergangene und gegenwärtige Erfahrungen" diskutiert Positionen religiöser Minderheiten aus der Perspektive unterschiedlicher Disziplinen zeit- und raumübergreifend und bietet neue Denkanstöße zu diesem komplexen und hochaktuellen Thema. Mit Beiträgen von John Tolan, Bärbel Beinhauer-Köhler, Martin Sökefeld u.a. (Quelle: www.buchhandel.de).

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