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Leon Fast & Free

Leon Fast & Free
Author: Jane Baxter, John Vincent
Publisher: Conran
ISBN: 1840917547
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-01-12
View: 363
Read: 571

'LEON was the first restaurant on the high street to pay attention to a new way of eating - championing gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free food. We've always done it. It's always done us and our customers good. Now it's time to stop it being a secret.' - John Vincent, LEON co-founder Each recipe in this beautiful cookbook is completely gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free, with many following a 'paleon' formula (LEON's version of Paleo). From recipes for gluten-free Spaghetti Vongole to chocolate beetroot cake, breakfast dahl to chicken and olive tagine, this book contains recipes for every meal of the day and every occasion, and proves that a free-from menu can be utterly delicious. ** Newly revised and improved ebook edition, optimized for both small- and large-screen devices **


Author: Eliq Maranik
ISBN: 3848009331
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-09-15
View: 724
Read: 811

Detoxing your body while boosting your natural energy has never been more delicious! This book by smoothie expert Eliq Maranik is packed with many healthy recipes and easy step-by-step instructions on how to detox and lose weight with green smoothies. The detoxing power of those natural goodies lies in eliminating toxins from your body, while boosting your metabolism, providing valuable nutrients, and enhancing your body ́s ability to burn fat efiifectively. By the way, you can buy all ingredients at your local grocery store and even your family can benefit from a healthier nutrition. Whether you are a detox-pro or just crave a healthier lifestyle, this book will delight you.

Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Working Out

Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Working Out
Author: JJ Smith
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476799997
Pages: 352
Year: 2014-07-15
View: 1309
Read: 584

The author offers her DEM system for weight loss that involves detoxifying the body, eating clean and balanced foods, and incorporating movement into everyday life.

Basic Asian

Basic Asian
Author: Cornelia Schinharl, Sebastian Dickhaut, Kelsey Lane
Publisher: Silverback Books
ISBN: 1930603657
Pages: 160
Year: 2003
View: 173
Read: 306

Finally--a cookbook series especially created to show young people how to prepare great meals while having lots of fun doing so. Loaded with color photographs, trendy design, and humorous text, these books transform chores into recreation. The Basic Series consists of a line of absolutely unpretentious cookbooks, which have already become favorites in an astounding number of modern kitchens. The absolutely unpretentious Basic series brings Basic Asian to the tables of the next generation's home chefs. With the newest Basic title, kitchen novices will be wrapping spring rolls, pickling ginger, making peanut satay sauce, and exploring Asian barbeque with ease. From the southern tip of India to the shores of Malaysia, Basic Asian takes the reader on a culinary exploration that all palates can appreciate. The first section of the book covers all of the basic ingredients and cookware necessary for preparing authentic Asian dishes. Demystifying fish sauce, explaining how to use a steamer, and reviewing the fine points of "wokking," Basic Asian makes even the most elementary chef feel like appro. The recipes in the second half of the book combine ingredients and technique into easily executed meals for parties of all sizes. Loaded with color photography, clean design, and humorous text, this book makes preparing Asian food basic.

101 Things to Do Before You Diet

101 Things to Do Before You Diet
Author: Mimi Spencer
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1605293687
Pages: 272
Year: 2009-09-01
View: 692
Read: 909

In this day and age, most women are well aware that dieting (and the accompanying deprivation) is no way to lose weight. But you can't blame a girl for trying-after all, who doesn't want to be thinner, feel happier, and look fabulous? Who doesn't want to fit into her skinny jeans and feel like a million bucks? Mimi Spencer has spent most of her life surrounded by catwalks and ultrathin celebrities--and she was sick of dieting. So she created the anti-diet. In 101 Things to do Before You Diet, Spencer shares the tips, tricks, and solutions that finally helped her lose those last few pounds and shows women how to trim, flatter, and accept every inch of their bodies. With ample doses of empathy and irreverence, Spencer offers readers 101 figure-flattering tips, from choosing the right fashion to just saying no to fat traps and calorie pitfalls. Spencer's candid advice (drawn from years spent at the frontlines of fashion) and her uniquely relatable voice (drawn from decades of being a woman on a diet) will keep readers entertained as they knock off a few pounds and learn how to love the skin they're in.

Running Scared

Running Scared
Author: Ann Granger
ISBN: 0747218692
Pages: 310
Year: 1998
View: 480
Read: 1055

Fran Varady, aspiring actress and private investigator, feared the worst when her friend Ganesh decided to use their less-than-reliable builder acquaintance to update the toilet at his Uncle Hari's newsagent's shop. But even she couldn't guess at the trouble that follows when a man bursts in and asks to use the washroom and then is found stabbed to death. Before he died he left a note asking Fran to meet him and a roll of film hidden behind the washroom's old pipes. As she tries to work out what the photos represent, Fran finds her difficulties have barely started...


Author: Job, Derib
Publisher: 9th Cinebook
ISBN: 1849181403
Pages: 48
Year: 2013-01-03
View: 1141
Read: 366

Yakari falls into a river, loses his memory and is rescued by a Grizzly bear who thinks he is her cub.

Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts
Author: The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Francisco J. Migoya
Publisher: Wiley Global Education
ISBN: 1118692683
Pages: 448
Year: 2008-08-08
View: 1000
Read: 478

It is essential for any serious pastry chef to have a comprehensive knowledge of frozen dessert production, and this book provides all the basic information a pastry professional needs. Introductory chapters include the history and evolution of frozen desserts; ingredients including dairy products, sugars, stabilizers, emulsifiers, fruits, and flavors; and equipment including churning machines, production equipment, and storage and serving containers. Also included are essentials on storage, sanitation, and production and serving techniques. Recipe chapters cover Dairy-Based Frozen Desserts, which include ice cream, gelato, and sherbet; Non-Dairy Desserts, which include sorbet and granites; and Aerated Still-Frozen Desserts, which include parfaits, semi-freddos, and frozen mousses and souffles. Each recipe chapter covers both classic and modern small-batch production techniques, basic formulas, and both basic and advanced base recipes. The final chapter, Finished Items, makes use of these base recipes and shows readers how to produce, plate, garnish, and serve small desserts, plated desserts, frozen cakes, and even frozen accompaniments to savory courses. Recipes are illustrated throughout by full-color beauty photographs. An instructor's manual and companion website are also available for classroom use.

Bombay Lunchbox

Bombay Lunchbox
Author: Carolyn Caldicott
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 0711233837
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-10-01
View: 1254
Read: 894

A Spicy Paneer Cheese Toastie with Mango Chutney, some Chickpea Dokla (bite-sized snacks tempered with toasted coconut and mustard seeds), or perhaps some Carrot and Pistachi Halwa, a sweet and sticky afternoon pick-me-up, washed down with NimboboPani (a sweet and salty refreshing lime soda; the recipes in Bombay Lunchbox have exotic names with flavors to match.

Mercurio's Menu

Mercurio's Menu
Author: Paul Mercurio
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1742668585
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-11-01
View: 376
Read: 1114

It seems that dancing is not Paul Mercurio's only passion and the popularity of his foodie travel show, Mercurio's Menu would indicate it is a passion well-shared. In this companion book, Paul takes the reader on an entertaining journey around Australia and New Zealand, cooking with local food producers and chefs along the way. With more than 100 of Paul's unique recipes and those from some of Australia's best restaurants, Mercurio's Menu will be sure to get you out of your armchair and into the kitchen.

Boutique Baking

Boutique Baking
Author: Peggy Porschen
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 1849491062
Pages: 191
Year: 2012
View: 1129
Read: 250

Peggy Porschen is one of the most prominent and pioneering names in contemporary cake design. This book captures the essence of Peggy's technical skill and inspired use of colour while also ensuring that each cake is both achievable and delicious to eat.

Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast
Author: Clarissa Dickson Wright, Johnny Scott
ISBN: 1856269574
Pages: 192
Year: 2010-11
View: 477
Read: 1280

Sunday lunch is synonymous with relaxing and eating with friends and family and this book ensures that the cook has an enjoyable time too. Clarissa gives you classic and imaginative ways to cook all types of meat (and there's a chapter on fish too), broadening your repertoire and inspiring you to try new creations. She also includes all-important sauces, ideas for accompanying vegetable dishes and an invaluable chapter on how to use up your leftovers. Johnny provides essential information on carving so that a beautiful roast isn't turned into a hacked-up travesty. Basic Stuffed Roast Chicken, Beef Wellington and Pheasant with Figs are just a few of the tasty dishes that will have you cooking up a storm every Sunday.

The Ballad of Typhoid Mary

The Ballad of Typhoid Mary
Author: Jürg Federspiel
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345319672
Pages: 160
Year: 1985
View: 1143
Read: 1075

Recounts the story of Maria Caduff, the immigrant cook known as Typhoid Mary, a woman infected with the deadly, contagious disease but herself immune to it, who carried the bacillus throughout elite New York homes and hotels

Chronicles of Bustos Domecq

Chronicles of Bustos Domecq
Author: Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares
Publisher: Plume Books
Pages: 143
Year: 1979
View: 963
Read: 471

An Appeal by Shirin Ebadi to the world

An Appeal by Shirin Ebadi to the world
Author: Shirin Ebadi, Gudrun Harrer
Publisher: Satzweiss.com
ISBN: 3710950236
Pages: 48
Year: 2016-07-22
View: 723
Read: 793

Shirin Ebadi - Iranian, Muslim, Lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize laureate - has personally experienced violence, oppression, and terrorism in the name of religion. Rising above these tribulations, she became a fighter for human rights and an activist for peace and stability. Her weapons are words: the only way to convinve people that religion can never justify violence and murder.

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