Les Retraites En Bd Tome 2 Toujours Jeunes Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Coffret en 2 volumes avec un cahier d'activités

Coffret en 2 volumes avec un cahier d'activités
ISBN: 2749308232
Pages: 80
Year: 2016-11-16
View: 982
Read: 975

Il y a : celui qui voudrait continuer à travailler, celui qui emmerde le monde, celui qui en profite pour voir ses petits-enfants, celui qui s'arrange pour ne pas les voir, celui qui voyage autour du monde, celui qui ne quitte pas son fauteuil... vous voyez de qui il s'agit ? Les retraités, bien sûr ! Ils sont quinze millions en France, et puisqu'ils n'ont rien à faire de leurs journées, voici une BD rien que pour eux !Pour les fêtes, offrez ce coffret inédit rassemblant les tomes 1 et 2 des Retraités en BD : la nouvelle série de Jacky Goupil et Ohazar sur le plus répandu des métiers !Avec en prime, un cahier d'activités spécial retraités rempli de tests, Sudokus, jeux, coloriages et de blagues pour se détendre et s'amuser... Le cadeau idéal pour tous les nouveaux et anciens retraités !

Tebori -

Tebori -
Author: Robledo José Manuel
Publisher: Europe Comics
Year: 2018-03-21T00:00:00+01:00
View: 625
Read: 741

Though young Yoshi immersed himself in tebori, the traditional art of Japanese tattooing, in order to escape his violent past, circumstances oblige him to—reluctantly—enter the underground world of Japan's mafia, the yakuza. Haunted by a legendary creature warning of impending doom, and after discovering his girlfriend is in reality an undercover cop, Yoshi finds himself on the run, unsure of whom to trust and where to hide...

Guerre à la Terre Tome 2

Guerre à la Terre Tome 2
Publisher: Glénat BD
ISBN: 2331023085
Pages: 48
Year: 2016-06-17
View: 486
Read: 473

Redécouvrez les pépites des premiers âges de la Maison Glénat dans une édition numérique remasterisée. Elles constituent un hommage inédit et unique aux premiers artistes qui ont participé à l'édification du catalogue majeur du premier groupe indépendant de bandes-dessinées contemporaines. Nombre de ces oeuvres ont eu une influence considérable sur leur époque. Véritables madeleines, elles témoignent toujours d'une belle vitalité, provoquent une tendre émotion et permettent enfin de vérifier l'admirable cohérence thématique de l'identité pérenne des éditions Glénat.

18 Wheels of Horror

18 Wheels of Horror
Author: Eric Miller, Ray Garton, Del Howison, John Palisano, Hal Bodner, Janet Joyce Holden, Brad C. Hodson, Daniel P. Coughlin, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Charles Austin Muir, Tim Chizmar, Joseph Spencer, R. B. Payne, Edward M. Erdelac, Shane Bitterling, Ian Welke, Meghan Arcuri, Jeff Seeman
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0990686639
Pages: 195
Year: 2015-09-09
View: 680
Read: 1006

Psychotic killers, devious ghosts, alien monsters, howling storms, undead creatures, and other dark forces haunt the highways and the truckers who drive them in these 18 chilling tales. A ghostly voice on a trucker’s CB radio knows more about his life than it should... Two drivers find their cargo gives them inhuman appetites... A boy in a truck stop encounters a supernatural force that threatens to destroy the world... The hypnotic singing lulling a driver to sleep might not be coming from the tires... A fender-bender between a big rig and a four wheeler is not as accidental as it seems... The sinister cargo lurking in a rock and roll band’s fleet of trucks is unleashed at their final show... Hit the road with this anthology of trucking horror fiction!

Signé - Intégrale - Tome 2 - Histoire sans héros - 20 ans après (Intégrale)

Signé - Intégrale - Tome 2 - Histoire sans héros - 20 ans après (Intégrale)
Author: Jean Van Hamme
Publisher: Le Lombard
ISBN: 2803640961
Pages: 120
Year: 2010-03-26T00:00:00+01:00
View: 1330
Read: 939

Tout le monde peut-il devenir un héros ? En 1977, Jean Van Hamme et Dany nous posaient la question avec ce one-shot consacré à un groupe d'hommes et de femmes très ordinaires qu'un crash d'avion en pleine forêt vierge allait forcer à aller au bout d'eux-mêmes. Vingt ans après, les deux auteurs se retrouvaient pour une suite qui voit les survivants de l'accident disparaître mystérieusement les uns après les autres. L'occasion de (re)découvrir le talent de Dany dans le domaine du réalisme et l'un des meilleurs scénarios de Van Hamme.


Author: Loïc Locatelli-Kournwsky
Publisher: Boom! Studios
ISBN: 1613989903
Pages: 144
Year: 2018-05-30
View: 767
Read: 517

French author Loïc Locatelli-Kournwsky presents a modern-day retelling of the Greek myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone in an exciting universe that blends high-fantasy adventure with visuals reminiscent of Japanese anime and 1950s American-style comics. Persephone may be the adopted daughter of the famous magician Demeter, but she struggles to find her place alongside such a force of nature. Persephone’s desire to find out where she belongs takes her on an epic adventure deep into the Underworld, where she’ll discover who—or what—she is.

The Hartlepool Monkey

The Hartlepool Monkey
Author: Wilfrid Lupano
ISBN: 0861662261
Pages: 98
Year: 2013-10-03
View: 1124
Read: 1242

1814, off the Durham coast, near the village of Hartlepool, a war-ship in the Napoleonic fleet founders during a storm and sinks. At day-break, fishermen discover a survivor: a monkey dressed in full military regalia, the mascot. The good people of Hartlepool despise all Frenchmen, though they have never seen one in the flesh. Nor have they ever see a monkey. But this brutish, bestial castaway tallies with the impression they have of the enemy, and the ape is court-martialled. Inspired by this famous legend, this is a tragi-comic fable of war and jingoism.

Little Tulip

Little Tulip
Author: Jerome Charyn
Publisher: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486808726
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-12-14
View: 602
Read: 1331

A serial killer haunts the city streets, a stalker of isolated women who leaves a Santa Claus hat at the scene of his crimes. Pavel, a Russian émigré, assists the police investigation as a sketch artist. But Pavel's true calling is as a tattoo artist, and the so-called Bad Santa killings conjure up memories of the nightmarish world in which he learned his craft: a Russian prison camp that shattered his childhood and destroyed his family. Shifting between the living hell of a 1940s Siberian gulag and the crime-ridden chaos of New York City during the 1970s, this graphic novel's stunning artwork provides an atmospheric backdrop to its tale of corruption, murder, and revenge. Author Jerome Charyn was acclaimed by The New York Review of Books as "a fearless writer. Brave and brazen." This edition of Little Tulip, which was originally published in French, features Charyn's new English translation. Award-winning illustrator François Boucq also collaborated with Charyn on the acclaimed graphic novels The Magician's Wife and Billy Budd, KGB. Suggested for mature readers.

Climate Changed

Climate Changed
Author: Philippe Squarzoni
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 1419712551
Pages: 480
Year: 2014-04-08
View: 1180
Read: 699

A graphic novel offers an up-to-date look at our planet and how we live on it and explains what global warming is all about. Original.

The Battle

The Battle
Author: Patrick Rambaud
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802138101
Pages: 313
Year: 2001-05
View: 863
Read: 883

A dramatic fictional re-creation of the 1809 battle of Essling captures the events of the conflict, NapolTon's first major defeat, through the experiences of real-life people of the time, including the writer Stendhal, the painter Lejeune, and NapolTon himself. Winner of the Prix Goncourt & Grand Prix du Roman de l'AcadTie Frantaise. Reprint.


Author: Tillie Walden
Publisher: First Second
ISBN: 1250176247
Pages: 400
Year: 2017-09-12
View: 882
Read: 543

Ignatz Award winner Tillie Walden’s Spinning is a powerful graphic memoir that captures what it’s like to come of age, come out, and come to terms with leaving behind everything you used to know. It was the same every morning. Wake up, grab the ice skates, and head to the rink while the world was still dark. Weekends were spent in glitter and tights at competitions. Perform. Smile. And do it again. She was good. She won. And she hated it. For ten years, figure skating was Tillie Walden’s life. She woke before dawn for morning lessons, went straight to group practice after school, and spent weekends competing at ice rinks across the state. Skating was a central piece of her identity, her safe haven from the stress of school, bullies, and family. But as she switched schools, got into art, and fell in love with her first girlfriend, she began to question how the close-minded world of figure skating fit in with the rest of her life, and whether all the work was worth it given the reality: that she, and her friends on the team, were nowhere close to Olympic hopefuls. The more Tillie thought about it, the more Tillie realized she’d outgrown her passion—and she finally needed to find her own voice.

Station 16

Station 16
Author: Yves H
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
ISBN: 1616554819
Pages: 56
Year: 2014-10-28
View: 840
Read: 960

May 1997. In Arctic Russia, a border patrol rookie receives a distress call from the long-abandoned Station 16, uninhabited since the days of massive nuclear testing 30 years previously. When he and his squad head out to investigate the call, they find an injured man who claims the rookie was his attacker - but before they can question him further, a massive nuclear explosion rocks the sky. This is a unique and powerful mystery story from one of the finest European comic artists working today.


Author: Claire Bretécher
Pages: 49
Year: 1991-01-01
View: 738
Read: 1110

Emma G. Wildford

Emma G. Wildford
Author: Zidrou
Publisher: Titan Comics
ISBN: 1785869280
Pages: 104
Year: 2018-11-20
View: 906
Read: 690

Journey back in time to the roaring twenties, and across England and Lapland, to experience the charming and thrilling adventure of Emma G. Wildford, a tale that mixes mystery, grand adventure, and love. It's been fourteen months since Emma G. Wildford's fiancé, Roald Hodges, a member of the National Geographic Society board the good ship Kinship and set sail for Norway... and she has had no news of him since. Every day, she questions the other members of the Society about his whereabouts, and his current situation, whether good or ill, but to no avail. Before he left, Roald gave Emma a mysterious envelope to open, but only in case something happened to him. Rejecting the very thought of Roald's death, Emma decides to leave behind everything - her life, her comfort, her England, to go to Lapland in pursuit. Along the way, Emma's certainties and beliefs will be challenged in every way, changing this quest for her fiancé into a quest for her true, essential self. Beautifully illustrated and rivetingly written, Emma G. Wildford is a character that will imprint herself on your mind and memory forever!


Author: Marla Felkins Ryan, Linda Schmittroth
Publisher: Blackbirch Press, Incorporated
ISBN: 1567116892
Pages: 32
Year: 2003
View: 406
Read: 603

Discusses the history, government, land disputes, economy, daily life, and current issues of the Comanche people.

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