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Le chagrin et le venin

Le chagrin et le venin
Author: Pierre Laborie
Publisher: Editions Gallimard
ISBN: 2070454568
Pages: 404
Year: 2014-04-25
View: 167
Read: 664

Le chagrin et le venin, c'est ce qu'il reste aujourd'hui d'une vision de l'Occupation et de la Résistance qui s'est largement mise en place dans les années 1970, particulièrement avec le film de Marcel Ophuls, Le Chagrin et la Pitié. Depuis lors, la vision de la France occupée, à la télévision comme dans les ouvrages d'historiens reconnus, est celle d'un pays immobile, préoccupé dans sa grande majorité de durer, replié dans un attentisme marqué par l'opportunisme, des arrangements consentants, voire une indifférence coupable aux minorités persécutées, avec à ses marges deux minorités décrétées équivalentes, les résistants (confondus avec les seuls maquisards) et les collaborateurs. Etonnante vision qui fut dès la fin de la guerre forgée et propagée par les hussards en défense des collaborateurs traduits en justice. Pierre Laborie, l'un des meilleurs spécialistes de la France des années noires, retrace la genèse de cette vision dans un ouvrage qui se révèle être la réflexion la plus acérée sur la France occupée, les usages de plus en plus dominants qui sont faits de cette période et son instrumentalisation pour les besoins d'un présent tenaillé par l'immédiat.

Translating War

Translating War
Author: Angela Kershaw
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319920871
Pages: 293
Year: 2018-07-20
View: 324
Read: 206

This book examines the role played by the international circulation of literature in constructing cultural memories of the Second World War. War writing has rarely been read from the point of view of translation even though war is by definition a multilingual event, and knowledge of the Second World War and the Holocaust is mediated through translated texts. Here, the author opens up this field of research through analysis of several important works of French war fiction and their English translations. The book examines the wartime publishing structures which facilitated literary exchanges across national borders, the strategies adopted by translators of war fiction, the relationships between translated war fiction and dominant national memories of the war, and questions of multilingualism in war writing. In doing so, it sheds new light on the political and ethical questions that arise when the trauma of war is represented in fiction and through translation. This engaging work will appeal to students and scholars of translation, cultural memory, war fiction and Holocaust writing.

The French Resistance

The French Resistance
Author: Olivier Wieviorka
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 067497039X
Year: 2016-04-26
View: 318
Read: 1237

Olivier Wieviorka’s history of the French Resistance debunks lingering myths and offers fresh insight into social, political, and military aspects of its operation. He reveals not one but many interlocking homegrown groups often at odds over goals, methods, and leadership. Yet, despite a lack of unity, these fighters braved Nazism without blinking.

Fighters in the Shadows

Fighters in the Shadows
Author: Robert Gildea
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674286103
Pages: 593
Year: 2015-11-30
View: 1056
Read: 808

Robert Gildea’s penetrating history of France during World War II sweeps aside the French Resistance of a thousand clichés. Gaining a true understanding of the Resistance means recognizing how its image has been carefully curated through a combination of French politics and pride, ever since jubilant crowds celebrated Paris’s liberation in 1944.

France 1940

France 1940
Author: Philip Nord
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300189877
Pages: 208
Year: 2015-03-03
View: 751
Read: 694

A new perspective on the calamitous fall of France in 1940 and why blame has been misplaced ever since

C'est la Guerre

C'est la Guerre
Author: Louis Calaferte
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 0810160684
Pages: 196
Year: 1999
View: 1179
Read: 929

A boy's account of the nasty goings-on in a French village during World War II, some narrated in prose-poetry: "The man clips off the kneeling woman's hair. / The people shout with joy. / The hair is falling all around the woman. / The woman is crying. / The people yell piece of shit."

Mademoiselle de Maupin

Mademoiselle de Maupin
Author: Théophile Gautier
Pages: 362
Year: 1887
View: 904
Read: 461

Penser l'oubli après 1945

Penser l'oubli après 1945
Author: Fabienne Federini
Publisher: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 2336392100
Pages: 382
Year: 2015-10-01
View: 574
Read: 1124

L'auteur s'intéresse au processus de l'oubli tel qu'il a pu se construire dès l'immédiate après-guerre, à partir des silences des principaux acteurs de l'époque, parmi lesquels nombre d'intellectuels. Il y eut ainsi ceux qui, ayant peu fait, ont préféré passer sous silence ce qui fut, au risque de prendre quelques libertés avec l'histoire et ceux qui, ayant fait beaucoup, ont refusé de parler de leurs faits d'armes, par respect pour leurs camarades "tombés pour la France". A l'exception de quelques noms devenus symboles, les autres sont tombés dans l'oubli. Ce livre leur redonne la parole.

Contemporary Jewish Writing in Hungary

Contemporary Jewish Writing in Hungary
Author: Susan Rubin Suleiman, _va Forg¾cs
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803293046
Pages: 437
Year: 2003
View: 154
Read: 875

Contemporary Jewish Writing in Hungary features works by twenty-four of Hungary?s best writers who have written about what it means to be Jewish in post-Holocaust Eastern Europe. This volume includes work by Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertäsz and other internationally known writers such as Gy”rgy Konr¾d and Päter N¾das, but most of the authors appear here in English for the first time. This anthology features poetry, long and short stories, and excerpts from memoirs and novels by postwar writers. Some of these authors were well known in Hungary before World War II, some were children or adolescents during the war and began publishing in the 1970s, some were born to survivors in the years immediately following the war and grew up during the decades of Communist rule, while others started publishing chiefly after the fall of Communism in 1989. ø Unique among Eastern European countries, Hungary still has a large and visible Jewish population, many of them writers and intellectuals living in Budapest. This anthology introduces English-speaking readers to outstanding works of literature that show the wide range of responses to Jewish identity in contemporary Hungary. The editors? introduction provides a historical and critical context for these works and discusses the important role of Jews in Hungarian culture from the late nineteenth century to the present.

A Political Education

A Political Education
Author: Andre Schiffrin
Publisher: Melville House
ISBN: 1612193641
Pages: 225
Year: 2014-01-14
View: 671
Read: 885

“Schiffrin evokes the bittersweet tang of émigré life in New York.” —The New York Times Book Review André Schiffrin was born the son of one of France’s most esteemed publishers, in a world peopled by some of the day’s leading writers and intellectuals, such as André Gide, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. But this world was torn apart when the Nazis marched into Paris on young André’s fifth birthday. Beginning with the family’s dramatic escape to Casablanca—thanks to the help of the legendary Varian Fry—and eventually New York, A Political Education recounts the surprising twists and turns of a life that saw Schiffrin become, himself, one of the world’s most respected publishers. Emerging from the émigré community of wartime New York (a community that included his father’s friends Hannah Arendt and Helen and Kurt Wolff), he would go on to develop an insatiable appetite for literature and politics: heading a national student group he renamed the Students for a Democratic Society—the SDS . . . leading student groups at European conferences, once, as an unwitting front man for the CIA . . . and eventually being appointed by Random House chief Bennett Cerf to head the very imprint cofounded by his father—Pantheon. There, he would discover and publish some of the world’s leading writers, including Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, Art Spiegelman, Studs Terkel, and Marguerite Duras. But in a move that would make headlines, Schiffrin would ultimately rebel at corporate ownership and form his own publishing house—The New Press—where he would go on to set a new standard for independent publishing. A Political Education is a fascinating intellectual memoir that tells not only the story of a unique and important figure, but of the tumultuous political times that shaped him. From the Hardcover edition.

Les chemins de la mémoire

Les chemins de la mémoire
Year: 2010
View: 1037
Read: 1288

CinTma Et Histoire. English

CinTma Et Histoire. English
Author: Marc Ferro
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 081431905X
Pages: 175
Year: 1988
View: 415
Read: 649

Ferro discusses how film reveals the conscious values of its creators, the dominant ideology of the society in which the film was created, and also unconscious or subverted meanings and values.

De Jaurès à Pétain

De Jaurès à Pétain
Author: Francis Péroz
Publisher: Université de Technologies de Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM)
Pages: 281
Year: 2012
View: 758
Read: 317

Le destin de Ludovic-Oscar Frossard est peu ordinaire. D'abord instituteur de village, il est ensuite amené à côtoyer de nombreux acteurs dé l'histoire : Léon Blum, Lénine,Trotsky ou encore Pierre Laval et Philippe Pétain, pour ne citer que ceux-là. Il est séduit par Jean Jaurès dont les discours lui font découvrir le socialisme. Il rencontre Lénine et devient l'un des principaux acteurs de la scission de la SFIO au congrès de Tours à la fin de l'année 1920 et le premier secrétaire du nouveau Parti communiste français. Puis, désenchanté, il regagne la " vieille maison ", première étape d'une nouvelle évolution politique qui le conduit à soutenir le maréchal Pétain durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Tel est habituellement le portrait que l'on dresse de lui. Y aurait-il deux Frossard, le fondateur du Parti communiste dont on se souvient volontiers et l'autre, le soutien du régime de Vichy ? De nouvelles archives permettent de mieux comprendre la complexité du personnage, qui regroupe en lui les grandes familles de pensées de la première moitié du XXe siècle : le socialisme, le communisme, comme le patriotisme, le pacifisme et le maréchalisme teinté de résistance. Le portrait qui est dressé ici de Ludovic-Oscar Frossard est totalement inédit et apporte un éclairage nouveau sur cet homme politique incontournable dans les années de l'entre-deux-guerres. Orateur brillant et redouté, journaliste et écrivain prolixe, il est aussi cet homme souvent mis à l'index de l'Histoire.

Changing Lives in Laos

Changing Lives in Laos
Author: Vanina Bouté, Vatthana Pholsena
Publisher: NUS Press
ISBN: 981472226X
Pages: 457
Year: 2017-04-21
View: 814
Read: 1132

Changes in the character of the political regime in Laos after 2000, a massive influx of foreign investment, and disruptions to rural life arising from improved communications and new forms of mobility within and across the borders have produced a major transformation. Alongside these changes, a group of young scholars carried out studies that document the rise of a new social, cultural and economic order. The contributions to this volume draw on original fieldwork materials and unpublished sources, and provide fresh analyses of topics ranging from the structures of power to the politics of territoriality and new forms of sociability in emerging urban spaces.

The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam

The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam
Author: Christopher Goscha
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141946652
Pages: 400
Year: 2016-06-30
View: 1153
Read: 756

The Vietnamese are in the unusual situation of being both colonizers themselves and the victims of colonization by others. Their country expanded, shrunk, split and sometimes disappeared, often under circumstances way beyond their control. Despite these often overwhelming pressures Vietnam has survived and is universally recognized as forming one of Asia's most striking and complex cultures. As more and more visitors come to this extraordinary country, there has been for some years a need for a major history - a book which allows the outsider to understand the many complex layers left by earlier emperors, rebels, priests and colonizers. Vietnam's role in one of the Cold War's longest conflicts has meant that its past has been endlessly abused for propaganda purposes and it is perhaps only now that the events which created the modern state can be seen through a truly historical perspective. Christopher Goscha is a leading expert on Vietnam, and this book draws on the latest research and discoveries in Vietnamese, French and English. It is a major achievement, describing both the grand narrative of Vietnam's story but also many of the remarkable byways and what ifs, and is particularly strong on the countless minority groups who have done so much over the centuries to define the many versions of Vietnam.

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