Teaching through Multi User Virtual Environments Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom

Author: Vincenti, Giovanni
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1616928239
Format: PDF, ePub
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Teaching through Multi-User Virtual Environments: Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom highlights the work of educators daring enough to teach in these new frontiers of education. This timely publication is a must-read for all educators and practitioners, of any subject and at any level, who wish to incorporate a dynamic online element to their classroom. It is also meant for researchers of education, computer science, and instructional technologies. Teaching through Multi-User Virtual Environments: Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom is a one-stop resource for practices, as well as research activities, within the domain on Multi-User Virtual Environments.

Online and Social Networking Communities

Author: Karen Kear
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136907831
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Online and Social Networking Communities is a professional guide written for educational practitioners and trainers who wish to use online communication tools effectively in their teaching. Focusing on the student experience of learning in online communities, it addresses ‘web 2.0’ and other ‘social software’ tools and considers the role these technologies play in supporting student learning and building learning communities. The guide offers: real-world case studies and quality research must-have lists of useful resources guidance on building and supporting online learning communities discussion of how collaborative learning can be assessed coverage of wikis, forums, blogging, instant messaging, Second Life, Twitter, desktop videoconferencing and social networking sites such as Facebook. Online and Social Networking Communities helps educators and trainers develop a critical approach by exploring online learning from both the student’s and educator’s perspective. This practical guide provides the tools to help develop confident and thoughtful online educators, able to create successful and enjoyable learning experiences for their students.

Using Web 2 0 for Health Information

Author: Paula Younger
Publisher: Facet Publishing
ISBN: 1856047318
Format: PDF, ePub
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Working together is a particular strength of information professionals in all sectors. In the area of health information in particular, the potential for using the internet for collaborative working is immense. Since it was first formally described in 2004, what is currently known as Web 2.0 has affected every library and information sector. Web 2.0 has tremendous potential to transform health information delivery still further. Although there have been any individual articles examining Web 2.0 applications and methods of working, and there are many individual examples of best practice, substantive works that synthesise this experience in one volume are rare. This new book is designed to meet this need, by drawing together international case studies and reflections on using Web 2.0. The book blends practical insights, theory and reflective approaches to offer a cohesive overview of how Web 2.0 is already changing health and medical information work. Main strands include: enhancing medical, nursing and health education information literacy in a health information environment supporting research supporting clinical care developing a service presence using Web 2.0 using social networking to develop an outreach service. Readership: Although the focus of the book is health information, it would be relevant to anyone who would like to gain an insight into this innovative and cost-effective method of delivering and sharing information. It is equally relevant for those new to Web 2.0, or those with more experience wishing to gain further insight into its application.

ICT in Education in Global Context

Author: Jinbao Zhang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811003734
Format: PDF, ePub
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Intended to promote the innovative use of technology in education and promote educational advances all over the world, this volume brings together 16 best-practice cases on technology-enhanced educational innovations. Experts from Turkey, Tunisia, Cyprus, Italy, Malaysia, China, India and Finland have contributed to these cases, highlighting the current state-of-the-art in the use of technology in education in their respective counties. Topics include best practices for designing smart classrooms, effective use of tablets and interactive whiteboards, virtual learning environments, digital learning spaces, game-based learning, synchronous cyber classrooms, micro-courses, among others. The book offers an essential resource on emerging technologies and the educational approaches currently being pursued in different countries to foster effective learning.

Handbook of Research on Collaborative Teaching Practice in Virtual Learning Environments

Author: Panconesi, Gianni
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522524274
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Modern technology has enhanced many aspects of life, including classroom education. By offering virtual learning experiences, educational systems can become more efficient and effective at teaching the student population. The Handbook of Research on Collaborative Teaching Practice in Virtual Learning Environments highlights program developments in the realm of digital worlds in educational settings. Featuring pedagogical methods and topics relating to cooperative learning, hands-on curriculum, and meta-cognitive dimensions, this publication is a critical reference source for pre-service and in-service teachers, school administrators, higher education faculty, and researchers interested in virtual reality incorporation in the classroom.