Textbook of Human Physiology for Dental Students

Author: Indu Khurana
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 813123813X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Second edition of Textbook of Human Physiology for Dental Students has been thoroughly revised and updated in view of the advances in this field without changing its general organization. In this book core and applied aspects of human physiology have been skillfully intermingled to enable students to apply their learning in clinical situations. Tailor-made for BDS students as per the requirements laid down by the Dental Council of India (DCI). Text organized in such a way that the students can easily understand, retain and reproduce it. Various levels of headings, subheadings, boldface and italics to help in quick revision of the subject. Black and white figures replaced by coloured ones and each section presented in a different colour format to enhance lucidity of the book. Brief introduction to the relevant functional anatomy preceding the description of the physiological aspects in each section for better understanding of the subject. In order to emphasize the clinical significance of physiology relevant applied aspects have been covered adequately in each chapter. Essential aspects of the text have been highlighted in separate boxes.

Physiology for Dental Students

Author: D. B. Ferguson
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 148318353X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Physiology for Dental Students presents a combined view of physiological mechanisms and physiological systems. It discusses the oral importance of basic physiology. It addresses physiological principles and specific types of cells. Some of the topics covered in the book are the movements of materials across cell membranes; the fluid compartments of the body; the major storage of body water; histological and ultrastructural appearance of the salivary glands; the secretion of substances into the urine in the kidney; and the total osmotic activity of plasma. The morphology of the red blood cells is fully covered. The factors necessary for red blood cell development is discussed in detail. The text describes in depth the mechanical properties of smooth muscle. The process of breathing and the elasticity of lungs are presented completely. A chapter is devoted to the parts of the central nervous system. The book can provide useful information to dentists, doctors, students, and researchers.

Concise Textbook of Physiology for Dental Students

Author: Hema Pispati
ISBN: 9780195652093
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book is aimed at providing knowledge of basic physiology in a concise form to first year dental students. The book includes all the topics from the syllabus laid down by the Dental Council of India. They have been simplified with tables, diagrams, and flow charts for easy understanding. The basic functions of different systems of the body, their control and clinical importance have been emphasized to provide a base for students' understanding of medicine.

Textbook Of Physiology For Dental Students

Author: Tripathi
Publisher: Elsevier India
ISBN: 9788181478498
Format: PDF, Docs
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The striking feature of the book is to let the students know what they have to study for their immediate examination needs. Specially designed for UG students of dentistry and allied health disciplines, this book explains the fundamental principles of physiology in a friendly and succinct manner. About the Author : - Dr. Yogesh Tripathi, Chaiman, Dept.of Physiology. Faculty of Medicine, Ghariyan University, Libya, Formerly Prof. Head & Director of Postgraduate Studies, Dept.of Physiology, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India.