Norwegian folk tales

Author: Peter Christen Asbjørnsen
Publisher: Font Forlag AS
ISBN: 8281691859
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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NORWEGIAN FOLK TALES were collected and published in the mid 19th century by Peter Christian Asbjørnsen (1812-1885) and Jørgen Moe (1813-1882). The folk tales were early on illustrated by our leading artists, and contributed to the development of a national identity. The book contains 20 of the most wellknown folk tales, such as: White-Bear-King-Valemon, Little Freddie and his Fiddle, The Seventh Father of the House, The Princess who Always had to have the Last Word. NORWEGIAN HERITAGE is a series of books about our most important and best-known national icons. The respective titles introduce major personalities from the worlds of art and literature, science and sports, but also the many natural wonders of the country, as well as significant historical periods and cultural expressions. Each book offers an updated introduction to readers who wish to familiarize themselves with a given subject.

Folktales of Norway

Author: Reidar Christiansen
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022637520X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Often lacking the clear episodic structure of folktales about talking animals and magic objects, legends grow from retellings of personal experiences. Christiansen isolated some seventy-seven legend types, and many of these are represented here in absorbing stories of St. Olaf, hidden treasures, witches, and spirits of the air, water, and earth. The ugly, massively strong, but slow-witted trolls are familiar to English-speaking readers. Less well-known, but the subject of an enormous number of legends, are the more manlike yet sinister "huldre-folk" who live in houses and try to woo human girls. These tales reflect the wildness of Norway, its mountains, forests, lakes, and sea, and the stalwart character of its sparse population. "The translation is excellent, retaining the traditional Norwegian style . . . the tales themselves will also appeal to the interested layman."—Library Journal

D Aulaires Book of Norwegian Folktales

ISBN: 9780816699322
Format: PDF, Mobi
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From the authors who wrote and illustrated Ola, Leif the Lucky, and Children of the Northlights comes their collection of Norwegian folktales. First printed in 1938, this selection of timeless stories returns to enchant audiences all over again. Experience Norway's magical world of cinderlads, princesses, and trolls throughout the pages of d'Aulaires' Book of Norwegian Folktales.

Scandinavian Folk Fairy Tales

Author: Claire Booss
Publisher: Gramercy Books
ISBN: 9780517436202
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A collection of folk literature from five countries, with illustrations by native artists.

East O the Sun and West O the Moon

Author: Peter Christen Asbjørnsen
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465597999
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So she rode a long, long way, till they came to a great steep hill. There on the face of it the White Bear gave a knock, and a door opened, and they came into a castle, where there were many rooms all lit up, gleaming with silver and gold, and there too was a table ready laid, and it was all as grand as grand could be. Then the White Bear gave her a silver bell. When she wanted anything she had only to ring it, and she would get what she wanted at once. Well, when she had had supper and evening wore on, she became sleepy because of her journey. She thought she would like to go to bed, so she rang the bell. She had scarce taken hold of it before she came into a chamber where there were two beds as fair and white as any one would wish to sleep in. But when she had put out the light and gone to bed some one came into the room and lay down in the other bed. Now this happened every night, but she never saw who it was, for he always came after she had put out the light; and, before the day dawned, he was up and off again. So things went on for a while, the lassie having everything she wanted. But you must know, that no human being did she see from morning till night, only the White Bear could she talk to, and she did not know what man or monster it might be who came to sleep in her room by night. At last she began to be silent and sorrowful and would neither eat nor drink. One day the White Bear came to her and said: "Lassie, why are you so sorrowful? This castle and all that is in it are yours, the silver bell will give you anything that you wish. I only beg one thing of you—ask no questions, trust me and nothing shall harm you. So now be happy again." But still the lassie had no peace of mind, for one thing she wished to know: Who it was who came in the night and slept in her room? All day long and all night long she wondered and longed to know, and she fretted and pined away. So one night, when she could not stand it any longer and she heard that he slept, she got up, lit a bit of a candle, and let the light shine on him. Then she saw that he was the loveliest Prince one ever set eyes on, and she bent over and kissed him. But, as she kissed him, she dropped three drops of hot tallow on his shirt, and he woke up.

Norwegian Folk Tales of Anthon and Gurina Johnson

Author: Jean Russell Larson
Publisher: Norwegian Folk Tales of Anthon and Gurina Johnson
ISBN: 9781932043976
Format: PDF
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Jean Russell Larson, a noted folklorist, presents eight delightful "chimney-corner" tales that have been passed down in her Norwegian family. Illustrations are by Penny Follow Frischkorn, graduate of St. Olaf's College. This delightful book has stories of maidens and misers, of smelly old goats, and greedy princes, with the requisite cautionary tales for young listeners. You'll find a story on a girl named Dumpling and an orphan named Elsie who understands that "fair is fair." Larson grew up hearing the stories from her Norwegian family. She told the tales to her children, who referred to the stories as "chimney corner tales," given that the corner fireplace was where family members gathered to hear the stories. And now she's sharing them with you. Suggested for ages 9 and up.

Norwegian Troll Tales

Author: Joanne Asala
ISBN: 9781932043105
Format: PDF, ePub
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Over thirty Norwegian troll tales retold by Joanne Asala. Includes lively illustrations by Theodor Kittelsen and others.

Remedies and Rituals

Author: Kathleen Stokker
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society
ISBN: 9780873515764
Format: PDF, Docs
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Spells are conjured, herbs collected, and potions concocted in this fascinating history of the practices and beliefs of Norway's folk healers at home and in the New Land.