Hey Did You Ahathat

Author: Mitchell Levy
Publisher: Thinkaha
ISBN: 9781616992019
Format: PDF, Kindle
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There's a time-tested, proven, 8-step process that hundreds of authors have used to write their books in eight hours or less. This book illuminates why this is important. Each AHAbook is comprised of 140 bite-sized quotes called AHAmessages. Increase your influence today by writing your own social-media-enabled book at http: //AHAthat.com/Author


Author: Alex Mandossian
Publisher: Thinkaha
ISBN: 9781616991654
Format: PDF
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"Alexisms" is a handbook of witty, wise, and even wacky life lessons expressed in one to two phrases. Each phrase is an idea curated from over twenty-five years of experience from business breakthroughs, challenges, and turning points the author has had as a Master Virtual Presenter. Each Alexism is a "slice-of-life" vignette that Alex Mandossian has expressed on stage, online, or while mentoring his serial entrepreneur clients. Alexisms are ideal to share on Twitter, Facebook, or blogs because they are rich with insight and full of flair to spark social conversations. Each Alexism is intended to inspire and motive readers on what matters most in order to move the needle in their businesses, while reminding them to beware of distractions that can cripple and stunt their marketing reach and exposure. After reading this book, you will: Have more humor about the areas in business where you feel stuck. Be less reactive and more "responsive" to unmet expectations in business. Have anecdotal quotes/ideas to utilize your books, speeches, or events. Create better and more inspirational ways to interact with your business teams. Become more entertaining, borrowing Alexisms when the time is right. "Alexisms" is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AhaMessages. Increase your influence by picking up the Aha Amplifier to easily share Alex's quotes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Play Bigger

Author: Al Ramadan
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062407627
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The founders of a respected Silicon Valley advisory firm study legendary category-creating companies and reveal a groundbreaking discipline called category design. Winning today isn’t about beating the competition at the old game. It’s about inventing a whole new game—defining a new market category, developing it, and dominating it over time. You can’t build a legendary company without building a legendary category. If you think that having the best product is all it takes to win, you’re going to lose. In this farsighted, pioneering guide, the founders of Silicon Valley advisory firm Play Bigger rely on data analysis and interviews to understand the inner workings of “category kings”— companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, Uber, and IKEA—that give us new ways of living, thinking or doing business, often solving problems we didn’t know we had. In Play Bigger, the authors assemble their findings to introduce the new discipline of category design. By applying category design, companies can create new demand where none existed, conditioning customers’ brains so they change their expectations and buying habits. While this discipline defines the tech industry, it applies to every kind of industry and even to personal careers. Crossing the Chasm revolutionized how we think about new products in an existing market. The Innovator’s Dilemma taught us about disrupting an aging market. Now, Play Bigger is transforming business once again, showing us how to create the market itself.

Going Up the River

Author: Joseph T. Hallinan
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0375506934
Format: PDF, ePub
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The American prison system has grown tenfold in thirty years, while crime rates have been relatively flat: 2 million people are behind bars on any given day, more prisoners than in any other country in the world — half a million more than in Communist China, and the largest prison expansion the world has ever known. In Going Up The River, Joseph Hallinan gets to the heart of America’s biggest growth industry, a self-perpetuating prison-industrial complex that has become entrenched without public awareness, much less voter consent. He answers, in an extraordinary way, the essential question: What, in human terms, is the price we pay? He has looked for answers to that question in every corner of the “prison nation,” a world far off the media grid — the America of struggling towns and cities left behind by the information age and desperate for jobs and money. Hallinan shows why the more prisons we build, the more prisoners we create, placating everyone at the expense of the voiceless prisoners, who together make up one of the largest migrations in our nation’s history.

Clean Code

Author: Robert C. Martin
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0132350882
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Looks at the principles and clean code, includes case studies showcasing the practices of writing clean code, and contains a list of heuristics and "smells" accumulated from the process of writing clean code.

The Intentional Entrepreneur

Author: Jen Dalton
Publisher: Difference Press
ISBN: 9781683090359
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Are you starting a business? Do you already have a business? If you are launching or leading an organization, it is critical to be intentional about your value (and values) and how you stand out from the competition. Building on concepts and insights from thought leaders like Seth Godin, with his book, "When It's Your Turn," and Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It," "The Intentional Entrepreneur" gives you the tools and steps to build a reputation that breaks through the noise and connects with your people, customers, and community. Self-awareness is critical for an entrepreneur; leveraging your strengths and outsourcing the rest are critical to success. This book will walk you through how to own your reality, your purpose, and how to shape how others perceive you through intentional content and communication. This book will help you understand: How personal branding relates to your business and why How you are unique and why people should do business with you What questions to ask when figuring out how to blend your personal reputation and brand with the company brand over time How to create a visibility plan that builds the best relationships to grow your business with clarity and meaning Identify practical ways to manage your online reputation and presence for your brand as the CEO, given you only have so much time in the day Owning your reputation is about protecting it, building it, and becoming a Noisebreaker, not a Noisemaker. People want to work with and for someone who is authentic, clear, and shows up intentionally to create value for their people, clients, and community. From naming your business, to identifying your target customers, to building your unique content strategy - this book walks through dozens of examples and will help you build a reputation that matters and drives your business visibility and growth.

Jump Off the Hormone Swing

Author: Lorraine Pintus
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1575679426
Format: PDF, ePub
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In Jump Off the Hormone Swing, Lorraine Pintus shares openly about the inner tension a woman can feel at certain times of the month between wanting to love her neighbor on one hand, and wanting to strangle her and shoot her ugly dog on the other. While many books discuss the physical and emotional symptoms of hormones, this is the first to explore in depth the spiritual aspects. Jump! is a mentoring book, not a medical book. The focus is on attitude, not anatomy. Lorraine shares insights from her own journey as well as wisdom from 1,500 women she surveyed. Sound biblical wisdom is laced with humor because after all, when it comes to hormones, you either have to laugh or cry, and laughing is better! Get answers to these questions: · What is the number one thing I can do to feel better physically? · How does PMS and perimenopause affect me spiritually? · Which foods ease PMS symptoms...which make them worse? · How do hormones affect my brain? · Why does stress make my PMS worse and what can I do about it? · Are there benefits to PMS and perimenopause? (you’ll discover 10!!) · How can God possibly love me when I hate myself? Includes a 10-week study for individual and group use.

The Learning Revolution

Author: Gordon Dryden
Publisher: Burns & Oates
ISBN: 9781855390850
Format: PDF, Docs
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The UK edition of Jeanette Vos and Gordon Dryden's book, first published in 1993. They have collected even more exclusive data and research from around the world for this edition.

The League of Regrettable Superheroes

Author: Jon Morris
ISBN: 9781594747632
Format: PDF, Mobi
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You know about Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, but have you heard of Doll Man, Doctor Hormone, or Spider Queen? In "The League of Regrettable Superheroes," you'll meet one hundred of the strangest superheroes ever to see print, complete with backstories, vintage art, and colorful commentary. So prepare yourself for such not-ready-for-prime-time heroes as Bee Man (Batman, but with bees), the Clown (circus-themed crimebuster), the Eye (a giant, floating eyeball; just accept it), and many other oddballs and oddities. Drawing on the entire history of the medium, "The League of Regrettable Superheroes" will appeal to die-hard comics fans, casual comics readers, and anyone who enjoys peering into the stranger corners of pop culture.

Roar Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle

Author: Kevin Daum
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 9780470609866
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Don't just get your message out. ROAR it out! In this captivating parable, you'll follow Ryan Miller, an executive struggling with reduced sales in a challenging economy. Ryan is mentored by his old Livingston, New Jersey high school friend, Lenny Bernstein, now a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn having great success in his packaging business. Over a series of lunches around New York City, Lenny shares the key insights that have driven his sales through the roof, while allowing him to run his business efficiently-and still have plenty of time for family. Lenny explains the simple mnemonic R-O-A-R Recognize the four types of buyers Observe from the buyer's perspective, and adapt your message Acknowledge the buyer's special wants and needs Resolve the buyer's issues Praised by renowned money manager Ken Fisher, Roar! gives you a 3,500-year-old sales secret that has never before been articulated in a business context, one you can use to recharge your sales operation and revitalize both your business and your life. It may be a jungle out there, but it's a little less scary once you know how to ROAR!