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Help for Your Fearful Dog

Help for Your Fearful Dog
Author: Nicole Wilde
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
ISBN: 0966772679
Pages: 414
Year: 2006-08
View: 1152
Read: 1216

Canine Confidential

Canine Confidential
Author: Marc Bekoff
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022643317X
Pages: 256
Year: 2018-04-13
View: 347
Read: 403

For all the love and attention we give dogs, much of what they do remains mysterious. Just think about different behaviors you see at a dog park: We have a good understanding of what it means when dogs wag their tails—but what about when they sniff and roll on a stinky spot? Why do they play tug-of-war with one dog, while showing their bellies to another? Why are some dogs shy, while others are bold? What goes on in dogs’ heads and hearts—and how much can we know and understand? Canine Confidential has the answers. Written by award-winning scientist—and lifelong dog lover—Marc Bekoff, it not only brilliantly opens up the world of dog behavior, but also helps us understand how we can make our dogs’ lives the best they can possibly be. Rooted in the most up-to-date science on cognition and emotion—fields that have exploded in recent years—Canine Confidential is a wonderfully accessible treasure trove of new information and myth-busting. Peeing, we learn, isn’t always marking; grass-eating isn’t always an attempt to trigger vomiting; it’s okay to hug a dog—on their terms; and so much more. There’s still much we don’t know, but at the core of the book is the certainty that dogs do have deep emotional lives, and that as their companions we must try to make those lives as rich and fulfilling as possible. It’s also clear that we must look at dogs as unique individuals and refrain from talking about “the dog.” Bekoff also considers the practical importance of knowing details about dog behavior. He advocates strongly for positive training—there’s no need to dominate or shame dogs or to make them live in fear—and the detailed information contained in Canine Confidential has a good deal of significance for dog trainers and teachers. He also suggests that trainers should watch and study dogs in various contexts outside of those in which they are dealing with clients, canine and human, with specific needs. There’s nothing in the world as heartwarming as being greeted by your dog at the end of the workday. Read Canine Confidential, and you’ll be on the road to making your shared lives as happy, healthy, and rewarding as they can possibly be.

Stress, anxiety and aggression in dogs

Stress, anxiety and aggression in dogs
Author: Anders Hallgren
ISBN: 0857887327
Pages: 144
Year: 2013-04-01
View: 547
Read: 861

Stress in dogs is an important topic for dog owners no more so than ever before. The most common symptoms of stress are anxiety and aggression. This book describes in detail how stress is triggered and the effects that it has on the body. Stress prevention and relief are also dealt with in the book.

Mit Hunden Leben

Mit Hunden Leben
Author: Jan Fennell
ISBN: 3548367542
Pages: 239
Year: 2005
View: 495
Read: 171

The Open Boat

The Open Boat
Author: Webb Chiles
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 039303268X
Pages: 204
Year: 1982-01-01
View: 1098
Read: 386


Author: Robbie Robertson
Publisher: Crown Archetype
ISBN: 0307889807
Pages: 512
Year: 2016-11-15
View: 323
Read: 514

The New York Times Bestseller On the 40th anniversary of The Band’s legendary The Last Waltz concert, Robbie Robertson finally tells his own spellbinding story of the band that changed music history, his extraordinary personal journey, and his creative friendships with some of the greatest artists of the last half-century. Robbie Robertson's singular contributions to popular music have made him one of the most beloved songwriters and guitarists of his time. With songs like "The Weight," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," and "Up on Cripple Creek," he and his partners in The Band fashioned a music that has endured for decades, influencing countless musicians. In this captivating memoir, written over five years of reflection, Robbie Robertson employs his unique storyteller’s voice to weave together the journey that led him to some of the most pivotal events in music history. He recounts the adventures of his half-Jewish, half-Mohawk upbringing on the Six Nations Indian Reserve and on the gritty streets of Toronto; his odyssey at sixteen to the Mississippi Delta, the fountainhead of American music; the wild early years on the road with rockabilly legend Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks; his unexpected ties to the Cosa Nostra underworld; the gripping trial-by-fire “going electric” with Bob Dylan on his 1966 world tour, and their ensuing celebrated collaborations; the formation of the Band and the forging of their unique sound, culminating with history's most famous farewell concert, brought to life for all time in Martin Scorsese's great movie The Last Waltz. This is the story of a time and place--the moment when rock 'n' roll became life, when legends like Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley criss-crossed the circuit of clubs and roadhouses from Texas to Toronto, when The Beatles, Hendrix, The Stones, and Warhol moved through the same streets and hotel rooms. It's the story of exciting change as the world tumbled through the '60s and early 70’s, and a generation came of age, built on music, love and freedom. Above all, it's the moving story of the profound friendship between five young men who together created a new kind of popular music. Testimony is Robbie Robertson’s story, lyrical and true, as only he could tell it.

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement
Author: Moshe Feldenkrais
ISBN: 0140192573
Pages: 173
Year: 1990
View: 162
Read: 729

Assessment of Competencies in Educational Contexts

Assessment of Competencies in Educational Contexts
Author: Johannes Hartig, Eckhard Klieme, Detlev Leutner
Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing
ISBN: 1616762977
Pages: 368
Year: 2008-10
View: 465
Read: 872

The concept of competencies is crucial for evaluating educational systems as well as for basic research in education. This book covers current theoretical, psychometric, and practical issues related to the assessment of competencies in a variety of educational settings. Leading researchers from around the world contribute their expertise from different research fields.The first part of the book provides theoretical perspectives on the concept of competencies in educational contexts, as well as on developmental models. The second part deals with psychometric models for assessing and predicting competencies and measuring change. In addition, practical issues such as test construction, computer-based assessment, feedback options, and the implementation of assessment tools in school contexts are addressed. Also discussed is large-scale assessment of competencies for the monitoring of educational quality.The book provides a valuable tool for researchers interested in the theoretical and psychometric background of assessment as well as for readers interested in practical aspects of assessment and evaluation in educational or vocational contexts, such as policy makers, teachers, and school administrators.

A Red Death

A Red Death
Author: Walter Mosley
Publisher: Serpent's Tail Five Star
ISBN: 1852427698
Pages: 284
Year: 2004
View: 1193
Read: 776

'It has come to my attention, sir, that between August 1948 and September of 1952 you came into possession of at least three real estate properties.? 'I have reviewed your tax records back to 1945 and you show no large income, in any year. This would suggest that you could not legally afford such expenditures...' When an income tax officer makes him an offer he can't refuse, Easy Rawlins is forced out of retirement and into the infiltration of his local church, the First African Baptist, and the surveillance of local radicals. Murderers strike and he becomes the prime suspect of the Los Angeles Police Department, who lose no sleep over the fate of 'freelance' private eyes.

Starting Colts

Starting Colts
Author: Mike Kevil, Pat Close, Darrell Arnold
Publisher: Western Horseman
ISBN: 0911677216
Pages: 168
Year: 2010-08
View: 850
Read: 969

A safe, logical, step-by-step process for developing a solid foundation with young horses.

The Reluctant Corpse

The Reluctant Corpse
Author: Mary Charles
Publisher: Twenty First Century Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 1904433162
Pages: 220
Year: 2004-04-01
View: 611
Read: 898

Dyscalculia Guidance

Dyscalculia Guidance
Author: Brian Butterworth, Dorian Yeo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0708711529
Pages: 121
Year: 2004-01
View: 972
Read: 566

Purpose: To help teachers understand the maths performance of dyscalculic pupils and detail teaching strategies and practical activities through which they can best be supported in their maths learning. Benefits: Offers a definition of dyscalculia; Gives guidelines for helping dyscalculic pupils in the classroom; Provides teaching strategies to help pupils make progress in maths learning and specific practical activities for use in the classroom; Is underpinned by an understanding of the emotional well-being of dyscalculic learners; Provides the next crucial steps once dyscalculic tendencies have been identified; Is from the UK's expert in dyscalculia, providing a detailed explanation of the condition to aid teachers' understanding of the issue; A highly experienced classroom practitioner provides teachers with specific strategies and activities to improve pupils' progress in maths.

The Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise

The Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise
Author: Robert Jeffrey Sternberg, Robert J. Sternberg, Elena L. Grigorenko
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521007763
Pages: 280
Year: 2003-06-23
View: 1292
Read: 473

The goal of this book is to characterize the nature of abilities, competencies, and expertise, and to understand the relations among them. While some psychologists see these sets of skills as rather distinct, others view them on a continuum with abilities developing into competencies and competencies developing into expertise. This book seeks to integrate into a coherent discipline what formerly have been, to a large extent, three separate disciplines by articulating the interrelationships between abilities, competencies, and expertise. The various chapters present theories, data, and concrete ways people can develop their own abilities into competencies and competencies into expertise.


Author: Larry Chambers
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0891418407
Pages: 304
Year: 2003-12-01
View: 728
Read: 561

A graduate of the volunteer-only training program in Nha Trang for the Fifth Special Forces tells how he was trained to survive Long Range Patrol missions in the jungle hell of Vietnam. Reprint.

Vincent's Starry Night and Other Stories

Vincent's Starry Night and Other Stories
Author: Michael Bird, Kate Evans
ISBN: 178067614X
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-07-01
View: 552
Read: 809

An enthralling journey through 40,000 years of art, from prehistoric cave paintings right up to the present day. Discover artists and their art around the world, in exciting and imaginative tales about artists and the way they created their work. Written by educator and art historian Michael Bird, and illustrated by Kate Evans, the book also features reproductions of the famous artworks discussed, a comprehensive timeline of events, and extra feature spreads on places connected with art. This is a beautiful and engaging introduction to art for any home or school library.

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